Hall Grove School

Hall Grove School

Hall Grove Award Scheme

The Hall Grove Award Scheme is open to all children in the Upper School (Years 6-8). The areas involved are Adventure, Leadership and Service.

Adventure: This is the physical element in the award scheme. It should involve engaging in an activity outside the usual school Games and PE programme.

Leadership: This means taking a lead by initiating an activity which benefits oneself or others. Leadership is not telling others what to do; rather, it is going ahead and encouraging others to follow.

Service: Helping others within the school and in the wider community.

Examples of actvities that may count towards an award include: bird watching, life saving awards, growing vegetables, judo, stamp collecting, chess, cooking at home, riding, road safety on bicycles, bicycle maintenance, camping, archaeology, sewing, knitting, helping a grandparent, climbing, overcoming a fear (heights, dark), studying healthy eating and exercise, caring for animals, public speaking, train spotting and others.

All children in Years 6 to 8 will participate in the Hall Grove Award Scheme, with the aim being to achieve the following each year:
  • Hall Grove Bronze Award (Year 6)
  • Hall Grove Silver Award (Year 7)
  • Hall Grove Gold Award (Year 8)

These awards can be achieved with 'merit' or 'distinction'.