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Annual Achievements

Academic Year 2015 - 2016

CE %

28 children sat 323 CE exams in June 2016 and the following results were achieved:

23 A* (7.1%), 68 A (21%), 2 A/B (0.6%), 87 B (26.9%), 7 B/C (2%), 72 C (22.3%), 3 C/D (0.9%), 48 D (14.9%), 13 E (4%)

80% of marks were graded C or above

55% of marks were graded B or above

28% of marks were graded A* or A

Destination Schools and Scholarships of Year 8 Leavers

Welllington College (6), St George’s, Weybridge (5), Bradfield College (3) Gordon’s School (3), Eton College (2), Lord Wandsworth College (2), Charterhouse (1), Pangbourne (1), Radley College (1), Reed’s (1), Sherborne Girls (1), St George’s Ascot (1), The Oratory (1), Westminster (1)


Year 8 Awards

12 children (37.5%) won a total of 14 scholarships to their senior schools


Pre-Prep Department

  • 80% of pupils scored a Level 2a and 3c in Writing
  • 97% of pupils scored a Level 2a and 3c in Reading
  • 100% of pupils scored a Level 2a and 3c in Maths


End of Key Stage 1 Results Summary 2015

  • 36 children - 18 boys 18 girls

The nationally expected level at Key Stage 1 is within Level 2

KS1 2015
% of children achieving the level at Hall Grove
  level 3c 2a 2b 2c
 Writing   44  36 20 0
 Reading  69  28 3 0
 Maths  67  33 0 0

In the Early Years

Early Years Results

Sporting Achievements

  • U11 IAPS Netball 2nd at National Finals at Roedean
  • U11 Netball team came 3rd at Surrey Cup Finals
  • IAPS U13 Football National Finals
  • Runners-Up in U13 Football Surrey Cup Final
  • IAPS U13 Boys Hockey National Finals at Millfield
  • 7 boys qualified for IAPS National Athletics Finals (U14 4 x 100m relay, U13 800m, U12 hurdles and U12 high jump)
  • U14 4 x 100m came 6th in final
  • A Year 7 boy came 3rd in U12 800m national final
  • A Year 6 boy came 7th in U12 High Jump National Finals (a year young!)
  • Qualified for Golf National Finals at Radley
  • Judo team, yet again, medalling at the Nationals



Music scholarships to a number of schools over the past few years, since 2012 - Sherborne, St. George’s Weybridge (twice), Wellington (three times), Eton,  Hampton, RGS Guildford,  Cheltenham as well as Music featuring as a component of some all-rounder awards 

Ensemble achievements

  • Choristers perform a live broadcast on Radio 4 for the Daily Service every year.
  • Foreign tour every two years, where they have sung in prestigious venues such as Sorrento Cathedral, Santa Maria Maggiore, Basilica San Giovanni Laterano.
  • Regular services at UK Cathedrals and significant church venues including Portsmouth, Salisbury, Guildford, Liverpool Anglican and Metropolitan cathedrals
  • Participate in regular orchestral days at Senior Schools or masterclasses in the local area.
  • Concert band perform at venues outside school in the local community.
  • Year 7 Musical involving children in the band regularly.
  • Children performing in ad-hoc ensembles (e.g. madrigal ensemble in June 2015) on, deliberately, few rehearsals to encourage musicianship skills

Individual Achievement

  • A Year 8 child – working towards Piano Diploma
  • A Year 7 child – working towards Grade 8 Piano
  • a good number of multi-instrumentalists at Grade 4/5 and beyond (from Year 4 upwards)
  • identified and catered for a number of children lower down with particular musical strengths as performers and/or composers (individual composition taught to one child, others more broadly encouraged)

Departmental achievements

  • Over 230 lessons occurring in one week. Around 180 children learning.
  • Informal lunchtime concerts at least four times each term with an average of 15 pupils performing per concert, from Reception to Year 8 children performing.
  • In a term we would expect to see nearly 100 pupils perform in informal lunchtime concerts.
  • Twice-yearly ensembles concerts incorporating nearly 60 pupils who are members of ensembles.
  • 20 different instruments on offer.
  • Music Practice Club every day for up to two hours with nearly 30 pupils benefitting from one-to-one supervision and support.
  • Instrumental Competition held every Spring term with over 200 entrants, held over 3 days and adjudicated by staff from leading senior schools.


  • State of the art equipment available for Music Technology teaching and clubs - 10 Apple Macs with Logic Pro (new for September 2015), older Windows PCs running Cubase (Music Technology club running - currently 4 separate 4 sessions, and likely to increase as the year progresses)
  • 2 Grand Pianos, Organ, 7 practice rooms with pianos.
  • Brand new office space with teaching facilities.

Exam Success

  • Around 30 pupils every term enter exams. 100% pass rate for exams taken in Summer 2015 – 36% Pass, 44% Merit, 18% Distinction


  • Year 8 Music Night – 70 adults attended, £1500 raised for Charity, organised by the children.
  • encouraging pupil bands, including having children with no previous instrumental experience learning bass guitar, vocals. Currently (September 2015) 1 Middle School band (previous Year 8 bands left, and looking to start new bands in Upper School, subject to having guitarists available)
  • wide variety of music experienced, whether performing or listening - strong ‘classical experience’ amongst staff, but also jazz and popular music expertise


 LAMDA Results Summer Term 2015

  • Speaking of Verse and Prose Grade 2          80% Pass with Distinction
  • Combined Acting Grade 1                          77% Pass with Merit