Hall Grove School

Hall Grove School

Faculty System

At Hall Grove all of our subjects are grouped into one of six faculties, co-ordinated jointly by the Director of Studies and the three Section Heads. The different faculties have Faculty Heads who are responsible for creating the individual working documents for each subject as well as setting goals and targets for their departments. There are also subject representatives within each section of the school. They liaise with the Faculty Heads and feedback to their sections.

Faculty Head Faculty (click for further information) Subjects
Mr Waltho Languages & Communication English, French, Latin, Greek & ICT
Mrs Easeman Maths & Science Maths & Science
Mr Toulson  Humanities  Geography, History & RS
Mr Slape  Performing Arts Dance and Drama & Music
Miss Dowse Visual Arts Art, Ceramics & DT 
Mr Tullett Outdoor Pursuits Games & PE

By linking subjects we have a number of aims:

  • To encourage children not to think of discrete subjects or bodies of knowledge, but rather to see how thinks are inter-linked
  • To use similar approaches to thinking, learning and teaching across linked subjects
  • To share resources, be it physical resources, teachers, lesson time


All of these aims mean that we are developing 21st Century children - those who are able to think flexibly, not to see boundaries and borders when what is needed is flexibility of approach and creativity of expression. This should not weaken each individual discipline, but rather strengthen it through depth and rigour of teaching as well as by helping children to see applications all the time in other areas.